Naples Area Home Watch Services

Basic Home Watch Services Naples FL

These are our basic services.  If there are other items that you would like us to check in your home, we would be glad to accommodate them.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  • Inspect exterior for damage, vandalism, signs of break-in
  • Verify that doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Check for obvious signs of water leaks, mold, or mildew
  • Visual inspection for any evidence of insects or rodents
  • Check that AC is operating and drain is not clogged
  • Check temperature and humidity levels inside home
  • Reset temperature and humidity settings if needed
  • Turn water on and check for leaks by operating faucets, toilets, showers, tubs
  • Brush toilets periodically
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Turn off water at end of home visit
  • Check for tripped circuit breakers
  • Check that car is in garage or carport and trickle charger is on (if applicable)
  • Inspect grass and overall landscaping for any obvious issues
  • Check pool/spa water condition (water is clear, filter running)
  • Check lanai enclosure and pool cage for screen damage
  • Inspect interior ceilings and baseboards for signs of roof or water leaks
  • Check that refrigerator and freezer are cold
  • Pick up mail, packages and flyers
  • Complete an electronic Home Watch Inspection Report during each visit
  • Submit the completed electronic visit report to you
  • Immediately notify you of any unusual issues or problems found

These are our basic home watch services for Naples FL.  If you have additional needs please let us know. 

Optional Concierge Services:

  • Change smoke detector batteries
  • Change AC filter
  • Bring in patio furniture and other items before a hurricane
  • Pick up packages on non-regular visit days
  • Forward packages or mail to your current location if requested
  • Meet delivery, cleaning, trades, repair people at residence and stay with them if requested
  • Key Holder service – Hold key for renters/visitors and meet them at residence
  • Open automatic or manual crank hurricane shutters
  • Open home before owners/renters/visitors arrive (Turn on refrigerator, water, water heater)
  • Check/close home after renters/visitors leave (Turn off refrigerator, water, water heater, check for damage)
  • Close automatic or manual crank hurricane shutters before a hurricane
  • Empty the refrigerator and freezer after an extended power outage or at your request
  • Be contact person for alarm issues/meet police at residence if required
  • Conduct unscheduled visits to your home for any reason


Home Watch Visit Reporting:

A detailed electronic inspection report is produced at each visit. The report uses GPS positioning to verify that the inspection was done at your property, so you know the inspector was actually at your home. Date and time, comments and photos (if necessary) are provided by the home watch reporter, as well as any other pertinent information. An email with the report will be sent to you to be opened at your convenience.