We Watch Your Home When You’re Not There

We check the exterior and interior of your home looking for any obvious issues or problems

Naples Area Home Watch

We are a locally owned and operated, bonded and insured home watch company
serving the Naples, FL area

Home Watch for Naples FL by Naples Area Home Watch

Definition of Home Watch – The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

We provide Home Watch in Naples FL offering superior service for homes and condominiums in the area.

We serve all communities in Naples, including the following:

Port Royal

Aqualane Shores

Park Shore

Royal Harbor

Naples Heritage

Bent Creek

Pelican Bay


The Vineyards

The Moorings

Pelican Marsh

Naples Reserve

Grey Oaks


The Strand




Treviso Bay

The Quarry


Glen Eagle




Marbella Lakes

The Isles of Collier Preserve



Our Home Watch service visually inspects your property looking for obvious problems or issues.  Our visit to your property consists of reviewing various items on a checklist that’s tailored to your needs. We verify that those items on your checklist have been inspected, reviewed and an appropriate report is provided. If our inspection reveals any issues, such as evidence of insects in the home, more details are provided along with photos. If the issue is urgent, as in a water leak, you will be notified immediately by phone. The visit’s results are recorded electronically on one of our devices, and the report is included in PDF format in an email to you.

When your home is unoccupied for any reason, or you only occasionally visit the home, problems can arise.  Our Home Watch service provides you with the peace of mind that any potential problem can be dealt with in a timely manner thus avoiding costly damage or repairs.  Possible issues can include but are not limited to:

  • home watch naples fl

    Leaks, even small ones, can be very destructive over time. Regular checks are your best defense.

    Water shut-off valve starts to leak

  • Flexible water line breaks or leaks (to toilet, washer, sink faucets, refrigerator)
  • Someone turns the outside water shutoff on and doesn’t turn it off (landscaper, pool maintenance), and a leak occurs inside the house
  • AC breaks down
  • Someone breaks into your home (burglar, squatter, vandalism)
  • Storm or hurricane damage to roof or other parts of home
  • Animals or rodents find ways into your home
  • Insects invade your home
  • Humidity level becomes too high, causing possible mold or mildew issues
  • Pool filter/pump breaks down
  • Refrigerator breaks down
  • Circuit breaker trips shutting down refrigerator or other appliances
  • Car on premise is burglarized, vandalized or damaged by storm

In general, we provide the following services during a Home Watch Visit (Details on the Services page):

  • home watch naples fl

    Humidity can create so many problems in an unoccupied home. Mold can create problems that affect your health and finances.

    Check exterior of home for damage or intrusion

  • Check interior for leaks, intrusion, rodents or insects
  • Turn on water and check all water points (kitchen, baths, laundry room)
  • Check AC and humidity for proper operation and levels
  • Check for mail or packages
  • Check garage and cars
  • Turn off water
  • Complete and send the electronic Home Watch Visit Report


Why Hire an Accredited Home Watch Business?

Please watch the video to see your benefits for hiring a Home Watch Business Accredited by the National Home Watch Association.